I just got married in September and had Pierre as our DJ, and I couldn’t believe it everyone was on the dance floor! He had awesome music choices for all ages, even after the wedding I got people telling me how they danced all night and that the music was great. Definitely choose him!
— Amy Glover
Not only has he a great sense of humor but also a great sense of musical direction. He knows when to pick it up and when to tone it down as if he hears the crowd he is with speak to him. I have been at 3 evenings where his talented prowess in his field was clearly shown. With different genres and musical tastes required of him, he has made the very best of evenings never giving up his love of music and love of seeing others enjoy themselves as well.
— Nadia CB
Best DJ I’ve ever used- his knowledge of music and the energy he puts into his job always make for an unforgettable party.
— Joss L
We danced all night there was a not a moment the floor was not packed.
— Danny L

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